An Enterprise GRC Tool to mitigate risk and manage the business uncertainties

The growing regulatory environment, higher business complexity, and increased focus on accountability have led enterprises to pursue a broad range of governance, risk, and compliance initiatives across the organization. However, GRC in itself is neither a project nor a technology, but a corporate objective for improving governance through more-effective compliance and process control framework and a better understanding of the impact of risk on business performance.

However, many organizations in the process of meeting the above objectives, find themselves managing their GRC initiatives in silos – each initiative being managed separately. When it comes to GRC Solutions, it is important to have an enterprise-wide – integrated GRC Tools through which the GRC program can be centralized and there is complete visibility of the processes and results.

smartGRC by SR TEKBOX, is an Enterprise GRC platform that consolidates independent modules to allow enterprises to manage the core functions of GRC into a single integrated package. smartGRC enables organizations to pursue a systematic, organized approach towards managing Governance Risk and Compliance Framework while allowing organizations to proactively identify their risk exposure, easily manage regulatory compliance obligations and control processes and manage an end-to-end, effective and informative audit program.


Why Choose Us

The most successful business projects are always those that are driven by an employee who has the authority, vision and influence to drive the required changes in a business.

  • Risk and Mitigation Plan Repository with the feature to add new mitigation plans during the risk assessment
  • Customizable Risk heat charts and mitigation plans & controls analysis on a dedicated Risk Assessment page
  • Centralized Control & Compliance repositories with easy to extract & manage features and customizable fields
  • Auto-generation of all audit activities and workflows, with audit trails to track implementation at every step
  • Risk-based Auditing with dedicated Audit Universe to plan, schedule, prioritize & update on Audit activities
  • Built-in, customizable – Audit reporting and graphical tools with extensive drill-down features & analysis
  • Dynamic Workflow engine with configurable alerts, reminders and escalations matrix defined at each level
  • Effective and regulated feedback on tasks and assignments from Process owners, eliminate the need for follow up’s
  • Secured and encrypted platform to ensure data protection, Enterprise Licensing, and SAAS model provisions

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Identify, manage, and mitigate the risks across the organization, with the Internal Audit feature, and the visual representations of Risk framework. A dedicated page to monitor all mitigation plans and controls associated with the risks.
Define all key business controls in a centralized repository with self-certification from process owners, Assign & manage multiple Controls to their respective Risks elements, to identify & evaluate Controls for Risk-based audit program.
Define and maintain a centralized structure of the overall compliance hierarchy. Utilize the tried and tested –GRC Software to regulate Governance Risk and Compliance Framework across the organization.
Plan, prioritize, and schedule Audits through Audit Universe with ERM integration and Risk Assessment Program. Dedicated Audit Workspace with pre-defined audit forms, work papers & work programs to record findings & observations.
Ensure accountability with robust issue-tracking workflows, Route Internal Audit findings to the appropriate managers for review, and subsequent actions; trigger a systematic investigation, follow up’s and corrective actions for all audit issues.
Intuitive & customizable dashboard, with plug-ins for each GRC module provided with various filters, drill-down, and extraction capabilities. Extensive Reporting capabilities with user-driven formats and views for in-depth analysis.