Investor Relations has become a central function for the listed companies. With the dynamics of the Business World being in a constant change, Investor Relations (IR) team plays the strategic role of an intermediary between the company management and the investment community, and helps determine the fair value of the company shares. An effective Investor Relations team, needs to simultaneously gather intelligence on the current and potential shareholders, the analyst’s coverage, the dynamics of the sector, and the markets at large while optimizing the outreach and communications strategy.

smartIRSuite™ by SR TEKBOX is a complete solution that helps organizations to effectively plan and execute an Investor program and maximize their market value. Designed for companies of all sizes and at every stage of public offering, smartIRSuite offers tools, information, and analysis to the Investor Relations team to efficiently manage their IR program while balancing the expectations of the investment community and the internal needs of the Board and the senior management. By integrating Investor profile, investor interaction, shareholding tracking, analysts coverage, peers benchmarking, and other key functions of Investor Relations, smartIRSuite helps in designing and executing a targeted and precise IR program that can positively impact the reputation and value of the company.


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