Contracts define the rules of the business engagement and play a very vital role in driving the Business functions and processes. Organizations today are facing stiff competition in the wave of globalization, driving them to lay emphasis on properly establishing and managing their contractual relationships and obligations. Contracts are considered to be an asset for any organization that if drafted and managed properly, can increase revenue; reduce cost and ensure better relationships with suppliers, vendors and customers.

smartContract, a comprehensive and easy to use solution is designed to manage the entire lifecycle of your contracts. It helps to streamline your contract processes- from request, authoring, negotiation, and approval through ongoing obligations management, analysis, reporting, and renewals – leading to standardization, transparency, compliance and control over contract processes. With many robust features and ability to customize solutions as per your business needs, SmartContract is now the choice of many satisfied customers from various industries, who express their continuous enthusiasm and confidence in this intuitive product.

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