Investor Management through Shareholding Analysis

Move over Bloomberg. The most economical and configurable Investor Relations Management Solution is here!


Investor Relations Management is a challenging business. From Tracking and managing the corporate communications with existing & prospective investors to creating & drafting presentations after presentations explaining the trends and dynamics of the Shareholding patterns to the board. Historically, Large corporate have been using Bloomberg modules to extract the Shareholding patterns for their corporate’s but not everyone can afford it and again, it solves only one challenge among many for the IR professionals.

Working along with many leading listed corporations including “The Aditya Birla Group” of Industries, one such product has evolved that may solve all the challenges of an IR Manager and professional from managing communications to tracking shareholding patterns including corporate communication and Analyst / peer recommendation trends.

smartIRSuite provides the following modules that help IR managers to automate their entire business functions and keep a 360 view of activities and their impact on the existing & potential clients via integrated Shareholding analysis. The major features of the solution are –

1. Meetings Tracking & Activity Reports: Unlike any other CRM, smartIRSuite allows users to schedule meetings directly from your mail/outlook account and sync the email interactions with clients, into the system. No need to manually punch in the details of every meeting. Even for the face-to-face interaction with Investors or analysts, our mobile app provides “Voice to text” recognition feature that allows you to quickly record the summary of any meeting and save them for future reference or creating a follow up reminder












2. Corporate Interaction – Reporting and Analysis: Through standardisation of reporting and tracking of ongoing Investor / Analyst Interactions, smartIRSuite provides IR Managers a comprehensive view of the meetings being held along with in-depth reporting on the nature, frequency and the follow up’s of the meeting by each team member. Even on the Mobile app, the IR Teams are prepared with the previous feedback or queries from the Investor or Analysts.









3. Shareholding Patterns : Shareholding analysis is a cumbersome and challenging job for almost all the IR Professions especially when it comes to comparing multiple BENPOST files together over a period via excels or spreadsheet macros. Add to that creating the customised presentations everytime for Board members. With smartIRSuite, you can –

a. Upload BENPOST Files in Raw format without it being modified or presented by the registrar

b. Create dynamic current shareholding pattern dashboards, with Shareholding numbers of Group companies investing into your company via multiple folios

c. Have Shareholding distribution details by Overall Shareholding Patterns, By Institutional Shareholding, Shareholding concentrations, Top 5/10 ~100 Investors and New Buy Ins v/s Sell outs. 


3. Shareholding Analysis: Shareholding analysis provides IR Professionals with a simple yet powerful dashboard to compare, track and analyse multiple BENPOST files together for tracking Investor movements. With Shareholding Analysis you can -.

a. Compare Shareholdings trends among multiple BENPOST Files for investor distribution & concentration

b. Track & compare Investor holdings between multiple dates along with change percentage, Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP Analysis) & Investor Profit/Loss Analysis

c. Track the Investment trends of Marquee Investors and compare them directly with the number of meetings held

d. List out and track the Investment Trends of Hedge Funds
























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