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Mobile Innovation Axis Capital is one of the leading investment banking and institutional equity houses in India. Its team consistently figures among the top industry professionals in rankings and surveys. Axis Capital has been using smartBrokerSuite to provide the most relevant and targeted Research and Corporate Access to its clients. The recent technological innovations have

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An article on how innovation in technology is enabling IR professionals to move faster, have greater impact, and ultimately drive improved shareholder value. 




How can Investor Relations teams use technology? 

At any Corporate, the Investor Relations team have their top priorities sorted out and they mostly are to be consistent and efficient. By leveraging a dedicated, centralized platform like NASDAQ IR or smartIRSuite – which allows everyone to be on the same page, IR Teams can move fast and can target the key business areas eliminating a lot of manual processes. Additionally, these solutions offer best practices to keep IR Teams well informed and knowledgeable about the trends and dynamics in the IR function.


What are the benefits of Investor Relations Management Solutions?

Any Investor Relationship Management Solution should be able to cater three major roles of The IR Function-

  • Investor and Analyst Communication – Communication with investor and Broker community is pivotal to any IR function. Having an automated system for providing active logging, details and historic logs & meeting notes to the IR team can prepare them beforehand for any meeting. A mobile app is also generally helpful to quickly search for and upload meeting notes on the move.


  • Shareholding Pattern and Analysis – A lot of dependency is on the Company Registrars to provide Shareholding Patterns using the current BENPOST Files but it only provides static data that cannot be compared with previous Investment and/or Dis-Investment Trends. An automated module becomes helpful to generate Analytics for current BENPOST file as desired and also compare it with previous BENPOST files to check for historic trends and to tap potential investors with their investment trends in your Peer companies


  • Analyst Recommendation Trends – Analysts forecast have a huge impact on your IR function and it becomes pivotal to not only be in constant touch with them but also provide them complete and detailed analysis of queries and concerns raised during the meetings. The Communication module handles the feedback and follow ups on the Analyst meetings but the actual impact of these activities is measured by the Recommendation Trends that can be dynamically monitored



How can technology help you block out the noise of the markets and focus on your IR program? 

Today there’s a lot of volatility in the markets and IR teams need to focus on their company itself and control the fundamentals. They should be aware of what’s going on in the market, what’s going on in the political environment and how some of that may affect their organization by analyzing the trends and estimating the projections. But they primarily focus on what’s directly ahead of them and what can be controlled.





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